This year our programme features four content streams, each of which will focus on a key topic in the public sector.

You can choose which streams to attend and therefore build your own individual programme. Stream sessions will include:

Financial resilience and trust
With the Redmond Review addressing local authority financial reporting and external audit, explore what we can do to improve the state of trust in the public sector by improving our resilience to financial uncertainty.

Talent and skills
How do we reinforce the talent pipeline and bring young people into the profession, while preparing the workforce of today for the challenges of tomorrow.

Data and technology
Technology is already changing how we work, but with automation and AI coming over the horizon, explore how our increasingly digital world will impact on the public sector.

People and places
Collaboration is key to public services, both between the various arms of the public sector and between citizens and the state. How do we bring people and organisations together to create policy solutions that work for communities at large?

NEW FOR 2020

Spotlight on:

  • Health & Social Care
  • Counter Fraud